Master the 4 Dimensions of Equestrian Confidence

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Cathy Rivers, the Equestrian’s Confidence Coach

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Did You Know?

  • Lack of confidence hinders you more than lack of technique.
  • Growing your confidence propels your riding forward exponentially.
  • It is possible to master confidence, just like you master technique.
  • Knowing your confidence score is critical¬† in designing an effective training plan.
  • You must grow your confidence to support a new level of accomplishment.
  • You can work on confidence separate from technique.

Riding Obstacles Have
a Confidence Component


  • My nerves get the best of me showing. ~ Confidence allows you to ride in the moment.
  • I don’t have enough time. ~ Confidence allows you to set time boundaries.
  • I don’t have enough money for lessons. ~ Confidence keeps you looking for solutions.
  • My horse acts up. ~ Confidence helps you stay grounded and manage their behavior.

Where Ever You are with Your Horsemanship,

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Yes! You Really Can Increase Your Confidence

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Cathy has focused her entire career empowering individuals and teams to achieve big goals. Cathy is expert in her ability to teach the skill of confidence. She has seen over and over again, the exponential impact confidence has on a person’s abilities. As a breeder, Cathy is deeply committed to raising and training confident horses.

¬†Click Here to Take the Equestrian’s Confidence Assessment Now